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Business Partner
and Material Data Master

the lever for digitization and automation

More than ever, companies need to put
their main focus on data-centric process optimization.

One lever for this is the perfect handling
of SAP® ECC and much more from the perspective of SAP S/4HANA®.

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Business partner       Logistic master data

Business partner + Logistic master data


With MDM+ bRobots® ® you have enormous productivity and savings potential along your value added process.

You can use them to build business partners and material master – as digital twins of real customers, suppliers and products – and the associated processes perfectly as digital value drivers.



Data-centered process optimization
with MDM+ bRobots® for SAP ECC and S/4HANA®

process optimization - bRobots

Master data as a digital twin of business partners and products.

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With S/4HANA®, there is a parallel switch to the future-oriented digitization and automation solution MDM+ bRobots®.

Many of our customers take this step in preparation for S/4HANA®in SAP ECC.

Our approach guarantees immediate efficiency gains and future-proof implementation of the topic in every phase of your development path, without senseless duplication of effort.

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Business partner

Business partner


The SAP® Business Partner is a powerful data hub.

It makes the work with your customers and other business partners more successful because it guarantees data integrity and avoids redundancies.

The result is a network of valuable data that enables companies to systematically drive their business activities forward in a data-driven manner.

brobots Business Partner - bRobots
The great strength of the SAP® Business Partner is its power and size. But that is also the greatest challenge in daily work.
With MDM + bRobots® you increase the efficiency and quality in the care of business partners, free up employees for value-adding work with customers and lay the foundation for the sustainable digital development of your business processes.

            logistische Stammdaten white - bRobots

Logistic master data

Logistic master data


The competitive pressure in the direction of data-driven digitization and automation makes logistical master data such as the SAP® material master a success factor for companies more than ever.

Master data is the key to satisfied customers because it is used to digitally mix the right combination of customer requirements, price and speed with the production options.

With MDM + bRobots® Logistics we support the efficient design of the value creation processes via the SAP® master data (material master, parts list, work plan, prices, etc.)

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MDM + bRobots® support success through the intelligent connection of product requirements and product possibilities and the company’s knowledge of intelligent master data self-services combined with intelligent workflows.
MDM + bRobots® not only integrate seamlessly into business processes. Rather, they support the business in real time by generating exactly the data that is needed for business success.

This allows you to use your potential perfectly and save a lot of time and money.


business partner white - bRobots                      logistische Stammdaten white - bRobots

Business partner       Logistic Master Data

Project goal: future-oriented MDM + organization

Akquinet MDM + aims to build and develop a lean but powerful MDM organization.

This organization is based on our platform d * BIC + bRobots®. This means that master data is intelligently linked to the business processes or to the business through intelligent workflows between departments, experts and other bRobots®.

As the engine of digitization and automation, they are at the heart of the company.

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Central processes
The following central MDM processes must be established:

» Get Clean
» Stay Clean

Performance & Compliance
It is important to develop the topic while taking performance and compliance aspects into account.

This will make your company fit for the digital future.

At the same time, you save an enormous amount of time, money and resources in day-to-day business.