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We are living in a world
where data is essential.

We help to generate valuable data effectively and to protect it sustainably.

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the solution

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the solution

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Digitalization needs
perfect Master Data Management!

See how successful companies like HOERBIGER manage their master data within #saperp.

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HOERBIGER wants to get to the next level of customer satisfaction. This can be achieved by digitizing and automating the order to purchase process in order to reduce time to market and to deliver individualized products at low cost.

To support highly performant order to purchase processes, HOERBIGER has plugged akquinet MDM+ bRobots® on each relevant SAP ERP Master Data Object needed by the process (Business Partner, Material Master, BOM, Routings, Pricing). akquinet MDM+ bRobots® digitize and automate Master Data Creation and change processes through smart self-services within SAP S/4HANA for each specific business scenario.

Actually Benjamin Paul (HOERBIGER) and Thomas Hostnik (AKQUINET) are working on the Master bRobots® for intelligent process automation.

As a “chef d’orchestre” he should manage, that business people in cooperation with specialized MDM+ bRobots® are orchestrated within intelligent workflows to support the delivery of individualized products and services at highest possible speed, perfect quality and minimal effort.

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the solution

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Data-driven process automation.

Winning in the new competitive environment.

Getting individually designed products to the customer as quickly as possible while being efficient is the order of the day to remain successful in the global competitive environment.

At Swarovski Gemstones, we rely on a combination of the right product options with a highly efficient logistical process in order to simultaneously inspire on the dimensions of quality, price and speed that are relevant for customer satisfaction.

We have set ourselves the goal of taking data-driven digitalization and automation of the value chain in this area to a much higher level.

Our core system for mapping the entire value chain is SAP ERP.

Many departments are involved in enriching the master data, long lead times have been one of our weak points so far.

With akquinet MDM+ bRobots, the intelligent creation of logistical data – material master, bill of material, routing – happens almost in real time during the ordering process.

Without any loss of time, the automated data generation triggers the manufacturing and delivery processes.

This reduces delivery times many times over, especially for make-to-order products. Akquinet MDM+ bRobots is the tool of choice here.

Jochen Winkler
(VP Supply Chain Management, Swarovski Gemstones)